Simba’s Purpose

Recent Disney animated feature films have been exceptional in addressing issues relevant to today’s society. Frozen, Brave, and Moana have pioneered strong female leads without the need for a prince charming to save the day. Zootopia and Inside Out have highlighted other pervasive societal problems, such as racial and mental health issues, respectively. Understandably, the […]

Unreal Happiness

I recently viewed this video: And at first I was also bothered by the seemingly ideal yet secretly disturbing situation of living a purely pleasurable dream. I gave the concept some thought and, at the end of the video’s talk, figured out a way to think about it for myself: A pleasurable dream is not desired […]

Never Met

They met by utter coincidence as a result of randomization. Neither had held any expectations, but the initial colloquy was surprisingly pleasant and subsequent synergies extended their interactions beyond what was the wonted one-off exchange. At first, the fear was always that she could lose him at any time, without reason. And he, in the […]

42: The Universe and Everything

Boredom at work has driven me to the farthest reaches of all the YouTube videos of which I could possibly be interested in. Recently, I’ve been watching a lot of science videos, including statistical scenarios, biological explanations, and, of course, time, space, and the universe. And all this physics got me thinking… The universe doesn’t […]