The Land Beyond #nanowrimo

Stories from foreign merchants and traveling performers always told of walled civilizations, protected from outside enemies by the massive structure that separated the city from the world beyond. To the citizens of Aronia, however, such stories were merely just that–fantasies from faraway lands. Everything which they knew of massive walls came from the behemoth construction […]

How to Relationship: Featuring You

Preface: I am in no way a relationship expert nor am I pretending to know more anyone else in the next room. We all have different experiences which shape our views, so this is merely a communication of my realizations after having gone through my limited experiences. I am documenting my conclusions for my sake […]

Unreal Happiness

I recently viewed this video: And at first I was also bothered by the seemingly ideal yet secretly disturbing situation of living a purely pleasurable dream. I gave the concept some thought and, at the end of the video’s talk, figured out a way to think about it for myself: A pleasurable dream is not desired […]