the Dawn // 5

Today, Nathan ended classes promptly at the zeroth hour of the day. He stopped by one of the university cafeterias to grab a meal before taking the monorail to the Special Forces Department campus in a farther district of the city. Born in Actium, he had left for Eron upon his acceptance into Esson University, […]

the Dawn // 4

“Shit shit shit—” His bike let out a screech as he zoomed around the corner, parting the crowd of pedestrians on the sidewalk as he cut through. “I’m sorry!” he yelled over his shoulder at the yells of indignation which followed him. He was late to his job and his boss would have his head. […]

the Dawn // 3

“Zen, keep up!” she called as she bounded through the tall grasses. It was a breezy day and her summer dress flicked playfully in the wind as she hopped along. There was a small yelp and she turned around in time to see Zen, a small white fox kit, sprawl onto the dust. She sighed […]

the Dawn // 2

Her internal clock woke her to the filtering of the breeze through the thin silk curtains of the open window. She sat up and took a glance around. The room was a large, echoing space, walls and ceilings embroidered with the elaborate style of the old, and otherwise empty save for a dusty fireplace in […]

the Dawn // 1

The streetlights flickered faintly as he stepped his way down the sidewalk, footsteps muffled by the thick dark. He had neatly-cropped, night-black hair, and sharp, intent, scarlet eyes. His nose was slender and straight and his lips were thin and tight. He had a carefully sculptured, angular face which was complemented by his attire: a […]

the Dawn // 0

Galia. A serene farming planet, ruled by a small sector of pure souls called the Court. They kept their haven calm and peaceful, allowing the citizens to live in harmony with the land and worry-free. They were blissful, but also ignorant. Ignorant of all else that existed in the universe beyond their home. The Court […]