KU Study Abroad Frequents

These were the locations I recommend/frequented from my study abroad in South Korea. MOIRITA Location: Anam Type: restaurant Description: Moirita serves pretty good Italian pasta. I went a lot during my time at KU. The price ranges from around 9,000KRW to 12,000KRW. I prefer the cream pastas. Menu suggestions: basil cream pasta, bruschetta bread Directions: […]

Spectrum of My Days

The sun gently wakes me, as the light passes through the blinds – or so I wish everyday would start. Though most days may start with the blinding light of a million suns basking upon my barely open eyes, I wake up to the prospects of what this exciting place has to offer. During the […]

A World Away From Home

Korea and Japan are of different people, different languages, and different cultures. However, it was only when I actually stepped foot onto Japanese land that I realized how incredibly different these two societies are. I had assumed that while I was in a different country, I would still feel it of the same world. After […]