the Dawn // 5

Today, Nathan ended classes promptly at the zeroth hour of the day. He stopped by one of the university cafeterias to grab a meal before taking the monorail to the Special Forces Department campus in a farther district of the city. Born in Actium, he had left for Eron upon his acceptance into Esson University, […]

Chaebols (재벌)

“Chaebols” is the Korean term for huge business conglomerates. Kdramas feature many examples of these in plots where the financially-unstable girl falls in love with the son and heir (ie Lee Minho) of a large company (because these chaebols are family-owned) and then gets dragged in to the complicated and political world of the ruling […]

White Blossom Wisps

A couple of days ago the sky finally cleared up and we’ve been having some sun and blue skies, at last. The temperature got warmer, too, until yesterday and today. Even though the sun was out, today was especially cold with the wind. That stuff seriously whips through you like some ulti from Freljord. However, […]

2주 나중에

So, quick update. It’s now almost two weeks since my arrival and things are really starting to settle in. I’m starting to get the hang of this “living in Korea” thing, so I’m not walking around like a lost lamb anymore. Restaurants are still a slight struggle (Colby, Luke, Martin, and Min will know what […]

Other Sources

So I realize that the posts which have been on this blog aren’t necessarily going to be useful for, say, prospective people visiting Korea since I don’t necessarily talk in detail about how certain things work here or recommended restaurants/places to go, etc. (no one’s really requested a topic on anything either, so…) so I’m […]