On Korean Fashion

So ever since I got here, I’ve been trying to observe Korean fashion to try and see what exactly makes them look so stylish. Of course, there are common trends. Everyone wears fitting jeans and New Balance classic sneakers (or something of the like). High-top Converses are also here and there and pea coats are […]

Pre-Classes Update

I hate traveling alone. But today, I went out alone for the first time since arriving. I went out to buy some more last-minute necessities and on the way passed by the Korea University school gates. Apparently it was graduation day so the place was teeming with new grads and their families and friends. Along […]

Arrival and Allive

My trip began post-1 hour of sleep, thanks to the indecisiveness of whether just to pull an all-nighter or not. LAX was more crowded than it should have been on an early Friday morning. I checked-in and weighed my luggage at the counter–48lbs. Less than the maximum 50lbs but it will still be a problem […]

Thankful for friends who heal my wounds (literally), who are willing to pack me medicines and travel care packs, who stay up all night for me, and who deliver me to the airport under the cover of 5am darkness. And all them hugs. I love them hugs.

Counting Stars

I saw stars for the first time in years tonight. While flying over a less-populated area, I glimpsed a few sparkling lights and looked out to see an entire array of glimmering white dots. I had not seen that many stars for a long time. The light pollution of the cities that I love had […]