Hey guys, First of all, THAT WAS FUCKING AMAZING!! The wait was long as we focused and stretched and huddled and listened to other schools’ cheers. It was suspenseful as we waited along the stairway, hearing the boom of the music’s bass and knowing everything was just ahead. However, the instant we were called forth, […]


The days feel unreal. We go through them in a daze, just waiting for night to dawn. Because when night hits, that is when it all starts. 5:45 AM and the last practice of Hell Week. Friday night came and it did not at all seem like the last practice. Only now that it has […]



The stage has become emptier, the statistics have fallen.

But this fandom is laden with miracles. From Cho Kyuhyun to the number 6 itself. However, what is more: LA, NYC, Europe, WORLD TOUR.

“Until we cover the world in pearl sapphire blue.”

Do you realize how true these words are becoming?

There are so many things impossible which this fandom has fulfilled.

Pursue the statistics as you may, but are not the true measurements of success within our hearts? Forget, for a moment, the number of awards and chart rankings. Celebrate our breadth and influence which cannot be calculated with mere numbers. Think of how each of us has been personally impacted and think what strides we have made all together.

And hold close to your heart the password: